Pyoe Pin plans to train workers for Myanmar garment units

The department of immigration and populations in Myanmar and Pyoe Pin, a programme supported by the UK Department for International Development (DFID), have launched a training initiative for workers with no experience in apparel factories to learn sewing. The aim of the 60-day free training courses is to provide skilled labour to the local garment industry. 

As the programme implemented by the British Council has other training modules related to the garment sector, the applicants will be advised to attend a session that best suits their abilities, an English language newspaper in Myanmar quoted Pyoe Pin official Ma Kyawe Phyo Phyo Aye as saying. 

About 120 workers will be trained in two-month-long courses under this project, which was announced last week. It can accommodate 5,570 workers over 28 months. 

After completing the course, trainees will work with pay in a factory for four months to gain experience and must also take the skill test of National Skill Standards Authority (NSSA) to receive the skill labour certificate recognised by other Asian countries. 

During the course tenure, trainees will be offered lunch and will be compensated with a daily stipend of K1800. 

The government plans to develop skilled labour in the 
country in various sectors, such as garments, construction, manufacturing and tourism, and therefore, Myanmar needs more training programmes like this, U Win Shein, director general of the labour department of the ministry of labour told media persons recently. (DS)





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