Myanmar-China bilateral trade hits over $5b in 1st half of FY 2017-18

YANGON (China Daily/ANN)--Bilateral trade between Myanmar and China amounted to over $5.5 billion in first half of present fiscal year 2017-2018, official Global New Light of Myanmar reported Friday.

In accordance with official figures from the Ministry of Commerce, the country's exports to neighboring China reached $2.46 billion while its imports were $3 billion.

The country usually trades with China via Muse, Lweje, Kanpikete, Chinshwehaw and Kengtung border points.

Bilateral trade between the two countries was $10.7 billion in last FY 2016-2017.

The country's rice, peas, sesame seeds, corns, dried tea leaves, fishery products, rubber, minerals and animal products are mainly exported to China.

Meanwhile, machinery, plastic raw materials, consumer products and electronic devices are imported to the country.