Multi-stakeholder forum to decide Myanmar's minimum wage

A multi-stakeholder forum consisting of the government, employees, and representatives from labour, employers groups, and non-profit organisations will decide on the minimum wage in Myanmar. The minimum wage rule that came into effect in Myanmar since September 1, 2015, is the amount paid to workers with no experience, especially new workers.

Now, the workers are demanding increase in the daily wages from K3,600 to K4,500. When wages were last revised in September 2015, worker groups demanded K5,600 as daily wage. The K3,600 daily wage was far less than wages which the workers were demanding.

However, it is estimated that the after negotiations with the government, the minimum wage will be somewhere around K4,000 and K4,800.

The garment industry in Myanmar has been affected adversely over the past years owing to the minimum wage issue. It was in 2013 that the minimum wages rules were issued. Since then, there have been debates between employers and workers over the issue. (RR)

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